Corpus Christi Catholic School

Location: Edmonton, AB
Size: 6,969 m2
Delivery Method: Stipulated Sum
Status: Substantially Completed August 2017

Project Information:

Corpus Christi Catholic School is a K-9 facility located in South Edmonton. The new building is 6,969 square meters total and consists of 31 Classrooms including Science Labs and CTS Workrooms, 2 Gymnasiums, Servery Kitchen and a 2 storey Learning Commons. This building has a planned occupancy of 750 students with room to add up to ten modular units in addition to the core facility. Provisions were added at all potential modular locations for easy plug-and-play installation when they outgrow the current capacity.

The finishes in the school are very high quality and required a great attention to detail from all trades on site. These included for cork floor tile in the music rooms, wood grain metal ceiling clouds throughout the building and full height glazing walls in both gyms for spectator viewing from both the main and the second floor. One of the unique finishes is the addition of multi-coloured, programmable LED lighting strips around the exterior glazing components in the Learning Commons and the Chapel. The polished concrete throughout 80% of the school makes for an incredibly durable floor as well as lowered maintenance costs throughout the lifespan of the building.

This building was designed to achieve a LEED Silver rating; the use of natural lighting throughout the building, a well-designed heating and cooling system and low flow fixtures are all contributing factors. The amount of glazing in this school provided the unique situation where we needed to add a Bird Deterrent to the massive glazing walls in the Learning Commons. While still providing huge amounts of natural light, we added a glazing film with a sporadic dot pattern to turn the birds away. This worked well even during construction of the school.