Jean Baptiste Sewepagaham School

Location: Fox Lake, AB
Size: 4866 m2
Delivery Method: Stipulated Sum Tender
Status: Completed March 2011

Project Information:

The school is located in one of Canada’s most remote communities south of the 60th parallel. It was the largest and highest risk project of its type in Canada’s Economic Action Plan. The school is only accessible by air, by a 1.1 km-long ice bridge in the winter and by a small barge in the summer.

Jen-Col’s strong partnership with the Little Red River Cree Nation to collaborate the extensive civil scope, camp facilities, apprenticeship and training of local members and use of local equipment truly made this the ‘Community’s School’.  Even with these unique circumstances and constraints, the project was finished on time and on budget.  This project had the attention of the Federal Directors and Ministers for INAC in Ottawa.  On their site tour, the overwhelming response was “an amazing facility and unbelievable it was completed on time, considering the logistics”.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) “built” the project in Edmonton prior to fabrication.  This technique identified and rectified any conflicts with the superstructure of the building.

Jen-Col initiated a design change in foundations from strip footings and foundation walls to screw piles, gradebeams and structural slab on grade.  This change was required because of the readiness of the site, the soil conditions, the time of year that construction would commence and the tight completion date.

This project won the 2015 Alberta Masonry Award for Structural Masonry Design.