Jen-Col Corporate Office and Coron Equipment & Maintenance Facility

Client: Jen-Col Construction Ltd.
Delivery Method: Construction Management
Contract Date: January 2015
Completion Date: April 2016

Project Description:

Brand new to Zone 5 in Acheson, the Jen-Col Corporate Office is a two floor 2,570m2 office building which is the new headquarters for Jen-Col Construction. This building is constructed using standard construction practices such as structural steel, concrete slab on grade, slab on deck and steel stud / drywall, but the wow factor comes out when you look at the finishes within the space.

The building consists of an open concept where you can see straight through glass partitions from the south through to the north of the building and likewise from the east through to the west. Sunlight is abundant due to the south face of the building consisting of floor to roof aluminum curtain wall and the high ceiling and clerestory windows in the central atrium area. The elevator shaft in the center of the building is concrete but was formed using exposed, rough sawn boards leaving a wood grain finish on the face of the elevator. Throughout the building there are wood accents composed of recycled barn board.

To accent the open window design, the offices and workspaces are constructed using demountable partitions allowing for easy relocation, re-arranging of office spaces and allowing for additional offices to be installed and operational. Outside of offices there are many breakout spaces where smaller groups can gather and work together on interactive displays to complete tasks.

The Maintenance Facility is a 1,873m2 warehouse space which includes 18 bays and office space for the tools and maintenance division of Jen-Col, Coron Equipment.

Included in the building is storage of tools and equipment, a wash bay, and workshop areas to allow for repair and maintenance on all equipment. Also included in this facility is a fitness area complete with change and locker rooms. This facility is built using a pre-engineered building and also accommodates ~900m2 of tenant space. Heating this structure is provided mainly through in-floor heating to ensure operating costs are kept low.