Lynwood Sunrooms Retrofit

Location: Edmonton, AB
Delivery Method: Stipulated Price
Status: Completed June 2017

Project Information:

The CapitalCare Sunroom retrofit was a complete revamp of six sunrooms at the Lynnwood long-term care facility. These sun rooms were located on three floors on two sides of the building. The scope of work included the complete restructuring of exterior walls with new structural steel and large aluminum windows allowing for all the natural light required for a sunroom. The interior finishes were brought up to date and new mechanical systems were installed to ensure best comfort for the residents.

Jen-Col’s focus throughout the project was on the impact to the end users, the residents of Lynnwood House. The site team identified some unique ways to provide a better end product, these included adjusting the rainwater downspouts to create an interior rainwater leader and enclose it in the sunroom through the creation of a bulkhead. This bulkhead was designed to blend seamlessly with the existing ceiling.

With the installation of the new windows the client requested grout to match the color of the aluminum frame. Knowing the weather in Edmonton and that the grout would have eventually broken out and would require maintenance, Jen-Col recommend using a ceramic tile caulking which will flex during heating and cooling and will remain intact preventing any leaks or drafts through the windows.

This being a renovation within an operating facility the entire area was hoarded off to ensure safe completion of the work. Site staff also installed temporary windows within the hoarding to allow residents to safely watch the construction progress from outside the construction area.

Photos (C) Ian Grant Photography