Sawmill Prime Rib & Steak House

Client: The Sawmill Group
Delivery Method:Construction Management

Project Description:

Jen-Col has been privileged to build a great working relationship with the Sawmill Prime Rib & Steak House Restaurants in Alberta. Since 2012 we have had the opportunity to work modernize and construct five locations.

Stony Plain, AB

In 2012 Jen-Col entered into its first contract with the Sawmill Restaurant Group. Located in Stony Plain, AB this project was a renovation and addition to the existing facility. Jen-Col worked with the owner and design team from the first day of the project to provide the best possible budget and schedule as these items were critical for the success of the project.

Jen-Col used a phased approach to construction of this project. The scope of the work included demolition, new under-slab mechanical and interior fit-up work.

Fort Saskatchewan, AB

The Fort Saskatchewan Sawmill Prime Rib and Steak House was the second project Jen-Col Construction completed for the Sawmill Group. An existing restaurant was renovated to meet the Sawmill’s needs. The scope of this project included interior renovations, an addition and exterior finishes. The interior of the building was almost entirely demolished and reconfigured for the restaurant. Exterior finishes were removed and a new stucco finish was added along with steel accent beams over the windows.

Grande Prairie, AB

The third contract that Jen-Col completed for the Sawmill Restaurant Group was in Grande Prairie, AB. This project consisted of a renovation to an existing building including a complete interior demolition. In order to meet the project schedule and allow for the design to be finalized Jen-Col completed this project using a phased approach. During demolition Jen-Col found an unwelcome surprise, the roof of the building was failing and needed to be rebuilt. Jen-Col rebuilt the roof from inside the structure allowing the much-needed repair to take place without major consideration for weather.

Lloydminster, AB

The Lloydminster Sawmill Restaurant was the fourth project completed by Jen-Col for the Sawmill Group. This Sawmill in Lloydminster, however, is the first to be a complete new build. The restaurant is a 1,000 m2 single story building. Schedule was the main driver on the project as the Sawmill group is always pressing to have their restaurants open as soon as possible. Jen-Col was able to succeed in this aspect as occupancy was received two days earlier than we had promised at the start-up meeting eight months prior.

Leduc, AB 

The Leduc Sawmill Restaurant was the most recently completed project by Jen-Col for the Sawmill Group. This project consisted of an 813 m2 renovation to an existing location. Through the dedication of the project team, we were able to complete the project on schedule and under budget.

All of the project’s that Jen-Col has completed for the Sawmill Group were delivered through Construction Management. Each project had two very important measurements of success; delivery on time and on budget. Jen-Col worked with the Sawmill Restaurant Group and the design team to ensure that the schedules and budgets were developed with detail and accuracy. Each project was delivered on time.